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Want to avoid a costly mistake when buying a vacuum sealer?

Vacuum sealers come in a range of sizes and prices aimed at the home market.

The vacuum sealer you need is one that gives and excellent strong vacuum with -0.8bar or 600mmHg, with no visual vacuum difference to a fully commercial chamber vacuum sealer.

We have tested a most of the vacuum sealers out there here at and we have assessed quality, ease of use, good features and value for money.

Buying a cheaper  vacuum sealer can seem to make sense, but the build quality is often poor, with plastic bits snapping off and vacuum pumps breaking due to no liquid filter protection, most are made in China and the quality is poor, even if you are careful, it only takes one mistake for the vacuum sealer to take a trip to the bin. This usually happens during or just after warranty, resulting in wasted time and inconvenience.

Then what happens 1 year down the line just out of warranty when the heating element goes, you will find no spares are available for these 'sealed' units and will have to be disposed of?

How do I avoid making a costly mistake?

Pick a model with a quality build and spare parts available, this offers long term real value. Where can I find a vacuum sealer supplier with spare parts available?? Read on . . . .

Which vacuum sealer in the UK is the best pick for long term value?

The Freshpack Pro
vacuum sealer is our top pick at the moment, due to reasonable outlay of 119.97

It has a unique liquid safety trap / safety chamber, solid build quality plus replaceable spares if and when needed, including vacuum gaskets and
heating element.  Check if the vacuum sealer you're considering has these very important features. The Eiffel Freshpack Pro is good for 50+ seals daily so is a great workhorse. It uses embossed vacuum bags, the correct ones for external vacuum sealing and not smooth vacuum bags.

All other spare parts are available outside the 2 year warranty period if needed, at foodvacuumsealers we believe this to be essential for long term value for money. This is an old proverb  "Buy cheap buy twice!" it is easily done. It's big brother the Freshpack Pro L/N has two further benefits of silent operation and heating element protection, which can be useful when doing a batch of seals.

I have seen vacuum sealers that use smooth bags, are they a good machine to go for?

These machines should not really be called vacuum sealers, because in reality these machines which are usually available in Lidl supermarket are an expensive bag sealer (i.e. heat sealer only). You would do better just quashing the air out of the bag with your hands and sealing it, not much use really. They kind of blow the air out of the bag, badly, rather than pump it out. A fascinating fact is most plastic bags allow oxygen to move in and out, which isn't much use when trying to make your food last longer and keep fresh for longer.

Should I blow the bank and go for a more expensive business / commercial style vacuum sealer stainless steel vacuum sealer?

Yes, if you are a small business or you do large batches of vacuum packing. The main benefits are a stainless steel outer and dual vacuum pump, the stainless steel construction allows for hundreds of seals per day as the metal does not melt unlike those with a plastic construction, protecting the heating element from early failure.  Disadvantages are the steel outer is means the machine is heavier, but has for some a sleeker look. A model to have a look at is the Tecla Jolly Steel, made in Italy or Besser 43 for that extra wide sealing width.

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